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About me

I was once someone who found it difficult to drag myself out of the bed every morning. I was once trying hard yet reaching nowhere close to losing my weight. I then had my awakening. I started experiencing joint aches, insomnia, hypertension and every other evil effect that a sedentary lifestyle would bestow upon you and I was still too young to even give up.

That’s when I decided! I decided that I would transform my body by transforming my lifestyle. I enrolled myself into a fitness program and showed serious focus on my body. I cut down on all the unhealthy carbs in my meals. I gave up on junk meals and followed a clean diet as prescribed by my dietician. I took the stairs and avoided the lift. I cut down on the caffeine and resorted to fresher healthier fluids like fruit juice or just plenty of sips of plain cold water.

I saw my body transform. That is when I got inspired to open this gym. My team consists of people who were on the same boat with me. People who understood the magic that regular physical exercises can do to the body. We began our gym in one location and now we have grown and established several outlets all over the country.

People who come to us, tell us how happy they are ever since they enrolled themselves into the fitness programs. That is our success. That is how we help transform lives. We have a fully equipped safe gym and fitness center, indoor tennis court and a yoga and meditation hall as well. We also have Zumba, Pilates and aerobics sessions. Approach our front desk today to pick the fitness program that would best suit your fitness needs.