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Meal replacement shakes- the good and bad about them

In the recent times, “meal replacement shakes” is one mantra that you must have heard more than once when you talk about weight loss. So why is the fitness industry going crazy over the meal replacement shakes?

The limitations of consuming meal replacement shakes:

Meal replacement shakes can only replace your meals and leave you feeling full. This would not significantly help work on your muscle tone and fitness.

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What are meal replacement shakes all about????

Meal replacement shakes- the good and bad about them

If you do not already know what meal replacement shakes are here’s a brief:

Like the name indicates, these are shakes that can be taken instead of your regular meals. Remember that meal replacement shakes are not protein shakes, though they do have a healthy proportion of proteins in them. Protein shakes have a majority composition of proteins. This helps build your body. But meal replacement shakes take into account the fact that when you replace a meal, you should also try and include all the nutrients you get from a meal in some form.

When everyone out there is giving so much hyper over the meal replacement shakes, are they really good? What are the limitations?

The good about the meal replacement shakes:

  1. Promote weight loss:

This is the ultimate reason behind why people have meal replacement shakes. When you consume meal replacement shakes that have a healthy mix of essential macronutrients and proteins, it has been seen to help the weight loss process. Remember that however, the amount of weight lost and the time taken for the effect to be visible would depend on the body type, reason behind the weight gain, the activity levels, and the overall lifestyle.For more interesting ways to lose your body fat, visit us at

  1. Less preparation time:

One of the main reasons why people skip breakfast is because they find little or no time to prepare a healthy breakfast. This is when meal replacement shakes come in handy. Instead of skipping breakfast, you can now have something more filling and something that has a nutritional composition close to your average meals. These come as ready to drink shakes or those that have to be mixed with water or milk. This would be a grab-and-go option for the busy mornings.

  1. Avoid hunger pangs:

As meal replacement shakes come with a high protein composition, your body takes time to break them down completely. This means that you would feel full for a longer time. This is one reason why experts advice on taking a high protein diet for breakfast. So meal replacement shakes would avoid hunger pangs and thus you would no more be craving for junk snacks in between your meals.

  1. Easy calorie and nutrient tracking:

If you are on a strict fitness routine, if you wish to count and monitor every calorie intake and the nutrients intake daily, meal replacement shakes make it easy for you. As the composition of the meal replacement shake comes in the label, it is easier for you to track your intake.

The limitations of consuming meal replacement shakes:        

  1. They don’t help tone or build your muscles:

You would definitely have to back it up with the right exercise and fitness routines.

  1. Synthetic nutrients:

There are all natural products in meal replacement shakes. But in most cases, though they do have the nutritional composition of an average meal, the nutrients are synthetic versions of the naturally occurring ones. So they are not the best options available. A bowl of vegetable salad would always be a healthier option than a meal replacement shake.

  1. Added sugar:

There are some meal replacement shakes that come without artificial sweeteners. But one of the most important features of the meal replacement shake advertised by the manufacturers is the taste. To enhance the taste, some of the meal replacement shakes come with added sugars and artificial sweeteners. There are also flavoring agents added in some of them making them a bad option for regular consumption.

Meal replacement shakes come in all flavors and compositions to suit every meal of the day and to suit every taste.  There are always arguments about the good and the bad in the meal replacement shakes. No matter what your belief is, the one truth is that these shakes are definitely good replacements for junk food and unhealthy fried snacks. But they can never replace a balanced healthy meal. So remember to work on the foundation and address your eating habits. Then you can perhaps choose meal replacement shakes as a short term course to replace your unhealthy snacking habits while you have a good fitness regime in place.